Remex provides excellent quality images


  • One REMEX can easily serve 3-4 operatories, thus saving you money
  • 본 장치는 X선을 발생하므로 기기 사용 시 국제법규에 따라 기기를 설치하거나 사용해야 함

  • Easily take an x-ray anytime during procedures
    No cumbersome stands or cable



진단을 위하여 엑스선을 발생시켜 제어하는 기구로서 다른 장소로 쉽게 이동할 수 있는 구조로 되어 있다.


Light weight, cordless, easily transportable
No awkward arms to manipulate; no drift
No need for special stands, cables, remotes


Sharp, clear images

Works with sensors, film, phosphor plates
0.4 mm focal spot produces sharp, high-resolution images




Constant Potential Hogh-Voltage Generator

Not more heavy
Not more difficult

“This product is a ‘medical device,’ please read and follow the ‘precautions for use’ and ‘instructions for use’ carefully and use it.”

Everything you want to know about T-100 Product.

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