Movable DR

Veterinarian Digital X-ray Systems

  • High Quality X-ray Image
  • Large Area Image Acquisition
  • Acquisition Image from Anywhare (Movable)
  • Miaaturization
  • Optimized for Animal Radiography / Optimized S/W Include
  • Easy to Operate
  • Easy to Image Check
  • Easy to Resister ID and Search Image
  • Fast Image Acquisition and Display
  • Animal Motion Monitoring Camera

Radiation Shelded Box

No Shielding Room Required
Shielding Box for Dose Reduction

Our digital X-ray systems come with something extra.

Our Movable DR Acuity line of X-ray equipment
comes with two features you can’t find anywhere else.
First is Movable DR software, designed for REMEDI
customers specifically for the REMEDI Acuity line.

Second, is a free year of AccuVue Cloud storage.
Use it for all your images.

S/W Features

Develop by REMEDI
Easy to View & Analyze multi Image
User friendly patient management program

Other Product

X-ray Key Components

Remedi has developed and commercialized the world’s first thermionic miniature X-ray tube and module for imaging diagnosis.



Our dental X-ray diagnostic systems can be found in clinics and hospitals around the world. We have also lined up medical X-ray diagnostic


Radiation Therapy

Remedi’s radiation therapy offers two distinctive solution: intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) and linear acceleraor (LINAC)