Corporate Identity

Main Symbol Logo

REMEDI’s Symbol logo gave the company and its brand
an image of value

The new brand image was presented as a cognitive
and symbolic visual image with the company’s ideals
and vision. The main symbol is to use the basic form


Signature is the official marking method of REMEDI,
which combines symbolism and logo type most
reasonably, and is used as a direct way to easily interpret
the image.

Symbol Logo | Korean

Color Planning

The color system of the REMEDI is a combination of
and implicit representations.
As a representative symbol, it is a key element that forms
the framework of CIP.

To improve the company’s image and reliability,
the company should use the collars specified in the
standard. It must be followed.

Other Solution

X-ray Key Components

Remedi has developed and commercialized the world’s first thermionic miniature X-ray tube and module for imaging diagnosis.



Our dental X-ray diagnostic systems can be found in clinics and hospitals around the world. We have also lined up medical X-ray diagnostic


Radiation Therapy

Remedi’s radiation therapy offers two distinctive solution: intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) and linear acceleraor (LINAC)